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Dead trees are a hazard. The longer a tree sits, whether it is leaning, ill, or broken, the more deadly it gets. If your yard tree sounds like this, it’s time to get in touch with us for expert tree removal.

If you’re thinking about whether to remove a tree, we have the solutions to all of your tree removal queries. Consider this your guide for anything from hidden threats to warning indications.

Let’s look at the most common signs that a tree should be removed.

1. Dead Tree

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It’s difficult to imagine how a lovely old tree might pass away. Nonetheless, trees do have a lifespan, just like all other things do. If your tree isn’t blooming any longer, it has died. 

Your tree may also appear rotten, dried, and decayed. A dead tree will be obvious when you see it. It’s time to get a dead tree removed if it has been standing in your yard for several months or even years.

A dying tree is hazardous. A dead tree in your yard, ready to cause trouble, is something you don’t want. 

2. Visible Signs of Damage

Trees are quite resilient. They are resistant to heat, cold, storms, and practically anything else Mother Nature can throw at them. But, there is a limit to how much they can withstand. If you find a tree that has been injured as a result of a major storm, please contact us to determine the extent of the damage. Only a trained arborist team can tell you the health status of your tree.

Only professionals should be called in to remove a tree. We’ll analyze the damage and determine whether the tree may be spared or whether it must be removed entirely or in parts. Unfortunately, once a tree has been harmed by a storm, it is difficult for it to recover. This makes maintaining a tree hazardous. A broken tree is just as dangerous as a dead one.

3. Leaning Tree

Some trees tilt forward on their own. The shape and beauty of these trees are stunning. Any yard or landscape is made prettier by naturally leaning trees. But when a tree begins to lean after a large storm or on its own and has never done so before, this could indicate a problem. If a tree is leaning for the first time, something has changed it.

You must get a trained arborist to examine the tree. We’ll be able to identify the cause of the lean and demonstrate the extent of the damage it poses. We can tell you whether your tree is likely to fall on your property or persons strolling nearby. You don’t want a potentially hazardous tree looming over your property. Your family, children, dogs, visitors, and house are all in danger.

4. Sick Tree

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A tree may appear healthy from the outside and yet be infected on the inside. You may see symptoms of the disease that don’t seem to be harming the tree. Yet, this is not always the case.

Sadly, if a diseased tree is not treated, it may spread to neighboring healthy trees. As a tree gets sick from the disease, it can potentially spread to nearby trees in a domino effect.

5. Longitudinal Cracks

It can be challenging to tell whether there is a problem with your tree because of its bark. Large, longitudinal cracks, on the other hand, are a warning sign, particularly if they go through the center of two branches that are facing in opposite directions.

The tree won’t be able to bear pressure if there is a strong wind, a Florida storm, or a hurricane passing through. Unexpectedly, your tree could develop new cracks or splits. This will result in costly, dangerous damage as well as severe harm. 

6. Decaying Roots 

Your tree’s bending or unstable appearance may be caused by rotting roots. One of the main reasons for leaning trees is root injury. Another clear sign that a tree’s roots are compromised is the presence of dead branches.  You can see a tree starting to decay or die if its roots are harmed. Dead limbs pose serious risks, and the tree will begin to lean.

7. Tree Trunk Cavities

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Your trees may not be as sound as they once were if you notice holes appearing in the tree trunks. Cavities are holes found in trees. Your tree is in distress if it develops cavities. 

A hollow can indicate that your tree is beginning to rot. Tree cavities might also be a sign that your tree is being attacked by insects. Another warning indicator to look out for is cavities accompanied by fungi or mushrooms. A tree with mushrooms and fungi on it may be ill.

8. Intertwined Branches

Another indication of problems for trees is entwined tree branches. If you are unfamiliar with trees, you may have trouble identifying these. Your tree’s structural integrity will be compromised by tree branches rubbing against one another or getting twisted.

Tangled branches expose your tree to infection and illness. Your tree is weakened and more susceptible to disease. If you observe branches rubbing together or entwined, you’ll know there’s an issue.

9. Closeness to Your Home

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Does a tree grow close to your house? The presence of several branches and leaves on your roof may indicate that a tree may be a bit close to your roofline.

A tree that is too close to your home can cause extensive damage. Your home can sustain costly roof, window, and structural damage as a result of branches falling on your roof. Sticks and leaves will also accumulate in your gutters. Others nearby your home may potentially be struck by falling branches. 

10. Close to Pedestrians

Consider having your tree removed if it is too close to a sidewalk or walkway. The same is true for streets and powerlines. Trees that are too near to walkways might cause significant damage. Falling branches not only put people in danger, but they may also ruin things like cars and nearby homes. You can be held liable if a dead tree falls on a neighbor’s house and causes harm.

Another potential source of significant harm is a dead tree that is too close to a power line. A whole neighborhood may experience power disruptions as a result of falling branches.

Never attempt to trim a tree branch yourself if it is close to electricity wires.  Calling in the experts to handle things is your civic duty.

The Advantages of Professional Tree Removal Services

The advantages of hiring a professional tree removal company are almost unlimited. In addition to giving your family and neighbors the much-needed safety they require, you’ll also enjoy more peace of mind.

Homes, automobiles, powerlines, and streets can all sustain damage from falling trees. Even worse, a fallen tree may result in harm or even death. 

Have Nitro Maintenance in St. Petersburg, Florida, inspect your tree so that you can help avoid expensive damage and harm. The sooner you take care of your tree, the safer it will be for everyone. Fill out this page’s contact form to get a free quote.