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A junk removal service is the best option if you need to get rid of those worn-out appliances, or renovation debris, clean out a rental space, or remodel your garage or attic. However, junk removal is not just about removing the trash.

Junk haulers in East Lake, Florida will get rid of boxes for recycling, break down barns and sheds, and a lot more. Before you start hauling your junk away, check these tips to help you in having a stress-free experience.

What Type of Junk Needs to Be Removed?

Most junk removal companies will accept any items; however, you must check if they can haul specific items. Also, take note that heavier items might cost more. Commonly, the cost of junk hauling is $230, however, this amount could get higher depending on the quantity, weight, and size of the items.

Some of the typical things that junk haulers in Englewood, Florida removes include appliances, furniture, carpeting, scrap metal, mattresses, renovation debris, yard waste, trash, electronic equipment, etc.

What is the Difference Between Dumpster Rental and Junk Hauling?

When it comes to junk removal services in Osprey, Florida, they will bring their own trucks, fill them with junk, and get rid of them. Whereas, if you choose to rent a dumpster, the truck will be dropped at your place.

You will be the one who will fill the dumpster in an unknown amount of time, it could either take days or weeks. Once filled, the dumpster will be hauled away. The dumpster rental would be a great option if you want to clean out a particular area for a few days or if you have some DIY home projects.

How to Choose and Hire a Junk Hauling Company

To ensure you hire a reputable junk hauling company, it’s important to ask some key questions. Find out how they handle the hauling process, whether any permits are required for containers, and if there are any restrictions on the items they accept.

Some common items that may not be hauled include tires, oil tanks & drums, asbestos-containing materials, hazardous chemicals, and open cans of paint. Inquire about their recycling practices as well. Certain junk hauling companies prioritize recycling by sending items to dedicated warehouses for sorting and proper disposal, while others may take them to trash collection sites or local landfills. Don’t hesitate to ask about their recycling methods.

Electronics typically contain hazardous materials, but they also have reusable components. Mobile devices, for example, contain metals like beryllium, cadmium, mercury, lead, and others, which require proper disposal. If electronics are still functional, they can be donated to charity organizations; otherwise, they should be sent to recycling facilities.

Additionally, recycling facilities should remove freon from air conditioners and refrigerators before recycling them. Large furniture, box springs, and mattresses may also contain hazardous chemicals. The good news is that most furniture can be reused or recycled, and mattress materials can be recycled as well.

Some items that cannot be recycled are certain types of light bulbs, batteries, glass, and plastics. Garden hoses, food-soiled paper, sewing needles, aerosol cans with content, propane tanks, or cylinders, are also non-recyclable.

Check the Weather Conditions Before Scheduling

If possible, try to schedule your hauling in clear weather. Obviously, nobody wants to haul anything on a rainy day. Also, there is a greater risk that the junk hauling company might cancel your schedule in bad weather.

Also, make sure that you are at home during the scheduled hauling and that you don’t have any other plans. You should be there the whole time so you can answer their questions and ensure that everything is loaded into the truck.

Label Everything

When hiring a junk hauling service in Cortez, Florida, the key is planning. Be sure to put everything in one place and make sure that they are properly marked. You can either give a list to the haulers or use labels.

Ask the haulers what they prefer. If there are some items that can still be used and you want to donate them to a charity organization, then be sure to label them as well. Ask the hauler if they know any local charity organizations so they can take your donations to them.

Prepare Your Space

Check if there is a need for you to move some things to clear the path. Make sure that all the items that need to be hauled are in one place. If there are challenges, such as a piano in the attic, then inform them about this.

Does the hauler prefer that everything is placed outside, or can they carry these things from your home? This could be an important factor to consider when choosing a hauler, especially if you can’t move things yourself.

If you are looking for a junk removal company in Brandon, Largo, Tampa, Venice, Sarasota, and other areas in Florida, then you can contact Nitro Maintenance at 727-317-7404 or send us a message at nick@nitromaintenance.com.