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Out of the 953 cities in Florida, Clearwater is the 17th most populated.  Home to the top-ranked beach in the nation, it also boasts of a desirable climate, low crime rate, numerous amenities, and the best neighborhoods to live in. All these are enjoyed by its 115,975 residents.

What Makes For A Great Neighborhood?

A good neighborhood is a space where people can live and relax, have fun, and safely meet and coexist.  There are five variables to look for in a good community:

Location:  How easy is it to reach your community?  When choosing a place to live, consider if it is near your work and close to your children’s school.  Accessibility to the city, public transport, and other amenities are also some things to deliberate upon.

Crime rates:  Places with a low to zero crime rate are ideal, especially for families with small children.  Safety is an essential factor to prioritize.  Go for a drive and check out areas where crime can likely occur.  Stay away from areas with numerous old structures due for demolition, dumpsites that need to be hauled, shabby trees, and dark alleys.

Amenities:  These are the perks you enjoy when living in a great neighborhood.  It can be a park, gym, pool, etc.  Are the amenities clean and clear of junk?  Do you imagine yourself going there and enjoying your visit?  People should ensure that the buildings and structures in and around these amenities are safe and robust.

Nearby Businesses:  Restaurants, cafes, malls, and clubs close to the area prove to be helpful to meet with friends, purchasing supplies, and further socialization.  Options should also be available to fulfill your hobbies and achieve a work-life balance.

Aesthetics:  The types of homes and architecture will vary in different communities.  Whether you like them or not will be based on your personal preferences.  Generally, the beauty and ambiance of a neighborhood will depend on the cleanliness and maintenance of the houses, structures, roads, and available amenities.  You get to enjoy your community without any trash in sight, and when house porches and facades are well cared for.

How To Help Improve Your Neighborhood

Florida flaunts several great neighborhoods in its cities, towns, and counties. Suppose you are located in Clearwater or in nearby areas. In that case, you can help sustain the beauty of your neighborhood by taking care of and maintaining the integrity and cleanliness of your property. 

Other than keeping your yard clean and transforming your porch, planting a street tree or starting a local garden will also improve the landscape by adding to the greenery. You can hire experts for more extensive and heavier home maintenance jobs to help you.

What are Home Maintenance Services?


Demolition is the process of dismantling, destroying, or razing any structure or any part thereof. It involves many construction hazards such as falling debris, accidents and injuries, fire, etc. It can be a complete tear-down or a partial exterior or interior demolition job.  

The crew will bring tools and equipment and ensure to minimize excessive noise, dust, and vibration during the entire process. Hiring professional demolition contractors saves you time, financial resources, and potential injuries.

Tree Services

If you have giant trees on your property that are not in tiptop shape, it is time to seek professional tree trimming services. When you book an appointment, experts will arrive at your doorstep with all the necessary tools and equipment needed to do the job. 

They will cut, trim, prune, and haul dead trees and branches from your property. Having the job done keeps people living in your area safe. It also helps maintain your community’s aesthetics.

Hauling and Junk Removal Services

Hauling and junk removal experts help you clear your home or business of your unwanted clutter.  It can be the furniture you no longer need, broken appliances, or any other type of junk you want to get rid of.  Licensed haulers will clear them away and put them up for recycling or donation. 

When To Hire Professional Demolition, Tree Trimming, And Hauling Services

Perhaps Clearwater is your dream location. However, your property might not live up to your ideal, so it helps to build a new structure on top of the existing one, which is why you may need to consider a renovation or a demolition.

  • The house or building has structural issues that are beyond repair.
  • You need a new floor layout to get the much-needed space.
  • Renovation requirements cost more.
  • It is an ancient house or building.
  • Your property’s value is higher as a vacant lot.

There is no denying that trees significantly add to an area’s urban landscape. It also adds value to your property, provided that the tree looks good and is in tiptop shape. You will know you need tree trimming experts when the trees within your property cause potential problems such as:

  • The tree looks sick and is likely dying.
  • It has become so high and thick that it needs trimming.
  • Its branches grow too close to houses or are heavily drooping and weighing down.
  • You need to remove the tree to use the space or plant a new one.
  • The tree was damaged by a storm.

Spring cleaning and decluttering in your home or business can lead you to find stuff you no longer need or use. You can definitely do the hauling yourself for a few small items. But if you need to get rid of more oversized items like furniture and appliances, and you find yourself on a deadline, getting professional junk removal and hauling services prove to be beneficial because:

  • A large chunk of your time is saved.
  • Your space becomes available and ready to use at once.
  • The risk of junk-induced injury is reduced.
  • You get to donate to charity while decreasing your environmental footprint.
  • At the end of the day, you save money.

Nitro Home Maintenance can provide you with professional demolition, tree trimming, hauling, and junk removal services in Clearwater and surrounding areas in Florida at reasonable prices.  For inquiries, you may call us at 727-317-7404 or send us a message at nick@nitromaintenance.com.