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What is the first thing that comes to mind if you hear the word demolition? The most popular idea would be is a wrecking ball swinging into a building. If you are interested to know more about demolition, here at Nitro Home Maintenance, we will be sharing information about everything you need to know about demolition. Make sure to keep reading below to find out more information. 

Demolition is usually done by involving a delicate process that utilizes different types of machinery and heavy equipment. There are different types of demolition. The most popular types are commercial and residential. Commercial demolition is focused on buildings for businesses like office buildings and commercial stores. Residential demolition, on the other hand, is focused on homes and other structures that are designated living spaces such as condominiums, apartments, and townhouses. 

The demolition method used for the process is usually based on the structure details, soil property investigation, surrounding areas, and other inhabitants present near the structure. 

What Are the Different Types of Demolition Methods?

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Total Demolition 

This demolition method involves the demolition of an entire building or structure. It is usually done for any building or structure. This method can be done through the different types of demolition that will be discussed below.

Implosion Demolition 

This type of demolition is done wherein a structure will be destroyed by collapsing it. This method makes use of explosives to bring down the structure by weakening its structural support. This will allow the structure to collapse inside its footprint or a planned path.

The structure may fall like a tree or fall into its footprint. The explosives will be focused on the important support points of the structure causing it to weaken and become unstable. The structure will then collapse using a controlled approach.

Chemical Demolition 

This type of demolition is done by using concrete demolition powder, concrete cracking chemicals, and concrete breaking chemicals. It can safely and quickly compromise the large structure so it will be demolished in no time. The concrete cracking agent has expansive effects that can be used to demolish big buildings in a short time and with little effort. It is non-explosive and soundless and it is cost-effective.

It does not require a lengthy permit process which is the opposite for those blasting the buildings. The rest of the structure will be safe from vibration and valuable materials from the structure can be preserved or even reused for other purposes. 

Controlled Demolition 

This type of demolition is done by taking down buildings and structures using a safe and guided process so it will be done on time. If a structure is huge it won’t be easily taken down in a day.

When dealing with a huge building, it will be taken down in segments so it will be controlled and be as stable as much as possible. Controlled demolitions are commonly used for huge buildings, bridges, chimneys, and cooling towers. It can also be done through diamond drilling and hydraulic concrete crunching. 

Mechanical Demolition 

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This type of demolition is done using specialized equipment, machinery, and tools. One of the pieces of equipment used is the hydraulic excavator with attachments that can smash through steel and concrete to successfully demolish a building or structure.

A building with a height of 6-7 stories will not be demolished using simple machines like bulldozers or excavators. In this case, a crane with a special attachment like a wrecking ball can be used to demolish a building. The steel ball hanging from a steel rope will be pulled and released toward the direction of the building to start the demolition process. 

High-reach arm machinery can be used for buildings that are 20 meters high. The mechanical arm is telescopic and comes with demolition tools on its ends such as crushers, hammers, or shears. Mechanical demolition is a more precise process than using the crane and steel ball because it has demolition tools that can be interchanged depending on the building materials that will be dealt with. 

Selective Demolition 

This type of demolition is done when you need to remove specific parts of a structure. For example, an old building needs to be renovated. Some parts that are no longer safe can be removed through selective demolition. This method will be focused on removing specific interior parts of a building while ensuring that the structure and exterior parts of the building are stable and secure.

This process involves the use of sledgehammers and demolition hammer tools or stomping hammers for the interior portion of the building while the exterior portion will use excavators, skid steers loaders, and bulldozers. 

Interior Demolition 

This type of demolition is done by removing specific interior parts of the building. Its process may vary depending on the portion that you want to remove, or if you need to get rid of multiple segments of the building. This is usually done when you need to remove the pipes, walls, ceilings, structural beams, or stairs. 

Strip-Out Demolition 

This type of demolition is done by carefully dismantling the building to prevent damaging the parts so they can be reused, refurbished, or recycled. This process can be tedious and long and this will make sure that the components of the building will be preserved for future use.

Choosing the right demolition method is important and you must hire a professional so it can be done safely and correctly to ensure the safety of your family and neighborhood. If you need help demolishing a portion of your home in St. Petersburg, Florida, Nitro Home Maintenance is the perfect choice for you. You can send us a message through this contact form. 

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